Partnering up with Christian Fuchs - What are the odds?

We are excited to announce we are partnering up with Christian Fuchs for our Dark Series coffee collection coming out across October and November. We have six new coffees with artwork featuring famous faces from the foxes family, all masquerading as revered villains from big movie classics. 

Working with Christian, we are pledging donations from every bag sold to the newly created Foxes Sports Foundation. This is a non-profit organisation with the following mission statement: 

"To help individuals with financial limitations to achieve success and independence through participation in educational and recreational sports training and programming."

This gives something away as to what its intentions are but does little to glorify the actions of the people involved. 

Christian and his wife, Raluca Fuchs have set up this charity with one noble goal in mind - to inspire the next generation of athletes. They are providing a world-class training space in the Hudson Valley (New York) for young people who would otherwise not be able to afford to participate in sport. They are providing scholarships to help level the playing field for many who dream of becoming the next great name in soccer or football. 

This is a truly worthy cause for our support and we're proud to be donating proceeds from our coffee sales throughout October and November. I hope you'll agree with us and pledge your support to Christian and the Foxes Sports Foundation. 

You can donate directly to them at the following link or to make life a little sweeter you can purchase a bag of 5000-1 Coffee and we'll make sure to send 50p from every bag across the pond for a safe investment in the future of sport.